Acclara Identity and Brand Development

Building a front-facing brand for a back-end services client

Acclara (formerly Patient Accounts Services) works in Patient Financial Services for healthcare practices. They offer patient self-pay, insurance follow-up, and conversion assistance services to healthcare providers. In this endeavor we partnered with a NY branding agency who developed the new brand name and messaging.  We developed the visual brand.

The new logo, with its two intersecting shapes, gracefully represents how Acclara is at the intersection of patients and health systems. The organic leaf-like nature of the overlapping forms represents fiscal growth and prosperity for their clients. The intersection of the shapes also creates a subtle heart that reflects the caring nature at the core of Acclara.  

The fresh, transparent color palette illustrates how Acclara brings clarity (represented by light blue) through its knowledge of the healthcare industry together with financial expertise (represented by green) to serve patients and help them clearly understand their financial responsibilities, bringing relief to both patients and hospitals. 

Acclara also prides itself on transparency, which is represented using the overlay technique throughout the brand elements.