Bell Canada Recognition Program Collateral

The Bell-elements of a great brand

Bell has a well-defined visual brand strategy for their external marketing that includes strong simplified color usage and a series of unique graphic elements they call “bell-ements,” which are comprised of isolated fractions of the Bell logo.  When we were asked to help define a branded look and feel for their internal employee recognition program, we knew there was profound logic to the inclusion of these graphic elements.  Each bell-ement is a close-up portion of the Bell logo, which we saw as the perfect representation of the individual employees and their contributions to Bell. We integrated these beautiful components into each piece of the proposed recognition program. Certificates, presentation packaging, milestone pins, and program communication collateral were all designed with the iconic Bell blue and a variety of graphic bell-ements. Each element signified a different number of years of service and was associated with all of the items for that year. The result is a highly branded set of materials that fits tightly within Bell standards and brings powerful context to the value of the human elements that create their success.

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, we can't share the visuals for this project.