Compliance Connections

Naming, Identity Design, Tagline, and Website

This client came to us while still in development of their solution offering. They needed a name, corporate identity design, and content-driven website for the solution. We began with an in-depth discovery process to get a clear understanding of the new solution they had created so that we could help them define the solution effectively to the market. The result was a simple two-word descriptor that captures the essence of their business.

The solution facilitates collaboration between property holders, code enforcement officials, and homeowner associations to enable all parties to reach their objectives. Their innovative technology connects all relevant parties to preserve the value of communities and real estate portfolios.

In addition to the discovery process, we conducted market research to determine the optimal entry position for this service. After we clarified the target audience, the naming process resulted in a strong, alliterative name:
Compliance Connections.

We extended the alliteration into the tagline, and used it to elaborate the concept definition. 
Communicate. Collaborate. Comply.

Once the identity elements were complete, we worked with the client to create a highly flexible content-driven website that would allow them to update their website content easily when new code or compliance information was released. We built the site with a powerful content management system (CMS) that enabled the client to post new articles, client logos, testimonials, demos, and other information without needing any web development skills. The CMS includes a user-friendly interface that makes updating content as easy as sending an email or filling out an online form.

Websites are powerful extensions of your brand, and fresh content is what keeps your audience engaged with your site while increasing search rankings. We specialize in content-driven site development. The Canal Branding site itself is a masterful sample of content-driven usability. Give us a call and we’ll give you a tour of the back-end workings of CMS driven websites so you can see for yourself how easy it can be to take control of the content on your site.