End of the Spear

Feature Film Naming, Identity Development, and Promotion

‘End of the Spear’ is a 2005 docudrama film that recounts the true story of a group of Christian missionaries in Ecuador who set out to reach the Waodani tribe, a violent group defined by revenge killing. When all five missionaries are speared to death by the tribe, the wives and children of the missionaries move into the tribe to teach them about God and heal the culture of violence. ‘End of the Spear’ is an amazing story of truth, love, and forgiveness.

The powerful title that we created, ‘End of the Spear,’ reflects both the violence that was incurred by the end of a spear, and the forgiveness and love that ended the spearing.

We worked closely with Every Tribe Entertainment to develop the film’s identity and promotion, including pre-production and on-set engagement to capture promotional imagery.