First Preston Family of Brands

Unifying a House of Brands

First Preston is one of the largest privatized contractors for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, managing and selling as many as 40,000 properties annually.

To promote high-volume real estate management efficiency, they created online solutions for managing large portfolio volumes and an electronic marketplace with offer-management functionality. Among their visionary real estate technologies are:

  • HomeTracker®, the first online, end-to-end workflow and asset management system for the REO industry, currently utilized by 45,000 vendors in the industry
  • BidSelect®, the first combination of an online marketplace with customized offer management workflow used to sell 200,000 properties and to generate and review more than a million offers

As their portfolio of branded solutions grew, they asked us to help define a unified system for their diverse identities. We created a system that included:

  • A complementary color palette with a common gray across all logos
  • Consistent font treatment across all logos
  • Standardized logomark + logotype styling

In addition, we created taglines for First Preston and their technology solution, HomeTrackerOne.