GetThere Summit Event Identity

Extending a Brand Into an Event

Event identities are often more challenging to construct than original corporate identities. They must respect existing brand standards while creating an engaging new platform that can be extended into a multitude of event items, including:

  • Presentations
  • Handouts
  • Signs and banners
  • Environmental display items
  • Promotional items
  • Online event promotions
  • and more

In this event identity for the corporate travel-booking tool GetThere, we leveraged the newly minted tagline we had created for them to communicate the concept of “No Boundaries.” We wanted an event identity that demonstrated the motion of a traveler and a company expanding through travel outreach, without the limits of technical boundaries. The result was the deconstructed radiating arcs of the event identity shown here. This was coupled with a vibrant palette that included a wide array of complementary colors for use with various audience segment materials.