Good Dog! Social Media Campaign

Helping a brand do more than “sit” and “stay”

Good Dog! is an organization dedicated to helping families who have children with autism navigate the journey of service dog ownership. They provide dogs to qualified families nationwide and assist them in all facets of fundraising, training, and maintenance for their canine companions. Their mission also includes spreading the word about the benefits and laws pertaining to autism service dogs. They conduct community outreach programs for special needs schools, after school programs, support groups, therapy offices, and camps.

Because every dime saved goes to further their important work in the community, a high-engagement, low-cost social media campaign is the perfect primary promotional tool for Good Dog! Autism Companions.

We developed a social media strategy that was centered on visually appealing, emotionally magnetic content (that’s our marketing lingo for using lots of photos of puppies and kids to capture audiences and motivate sharing) combined with the most popular programs and apps to make sharing easy. After all, when a picture really is worth a thousand words, copywriting time and cost savings can be huge. Plus, those savings can be transferred to social media correspondence writers to engage in relationships with potential clients. The strategic finesse was really in pinning down the details of the creative plan, evolving the campaign coherently across multiple platforms, and keeping the ensuing avalanche of response interaction manageable for Good Dog!. They already had a Facebook page and a blog on their website that was slowly gathering friends, so we added Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. We devised a personality for the overall online presence, created promotional events, provided friends with the ability to easily share across their favorite apps, and the visual posting began! Our targeted audiences of dog lovers, the autism community, and their friends responded fantastically.

By the end of the day that our first event went live, the Good Dog! website traffic increased by nearly 400%. Their fans, followers, and social community continue to grow. Most importantly, the messages of Good Dog! are now quickly spreading far and wide, allowing them to facilitate more of the magic that happens between children with autism and their dogs.