Mercury Public Affairs

Creating a powerful website from the inside out.

Mercury is a high-stakes public strategy firm that employs strategic intelligence to mobilize a message and persuade audiences in order to gain competitive advantage for their clients. They have offices in six key regions across the country, and their leadership staff consists of some of the most prominent minds across a wide array of industries and disciplines.

They came to us after having a static website for years.  They knew they needed to have dynamic content that they could change at a moment’s notice.  They also needed a way to communicate their staff’s vast skillset and industry expertise without weighing down site visitors with overwhelming amounts of text.

We dug in deep to understand their business needs and those of their clients and came up with a brilliant solution for their website.  The final result can be seen here:  Go to the site and check out how easily the site conforms to the needs of the site visitor.

  • The home page features a key positing banner, rotating client testimonials, rotating leadership highlights, and an announcement section.
  • The leadership page is the gem of the site. It allows visitors to select industry segments, actions needed, or geographic location to filter the leadership experts displayed.  Visitors can click the expert’s photo to see full details about the individual and click a link to contact that person to begin their dialog with Mercury.
  • The Strategies section provides a selective overview of the wide array of services typically offered by Mercury and allows the visitor a variety of ways to navigate the content to suit their needs and interactive style.
  • The Why Mercury section features rotating customer testimonials with client logos.  Mercury can easily add or delete material using our content management system.

What’s most valuable about this site is that virtually every piece of content can be created, modified, or deleted at will by any authorized Mercury staff member. No programming or HTML coding ability is required. A robust content management system makes it so simple that anyone can do it, but an equally robust security interface ensures that only those with authorized access logins can access the back-end system.

Mercury’s website is a shining example of a beautifully engineered and well-strategized web solution.  Give us a call and we can discuss how we can help you harness the power of your website.