Rideau Social Recognition Platform

Capturing a world of functionality in an easy-to-use online tool

We believe in cultivating deep relationships with our clients. Over time, we become far more than an agency resource; we become strategic partners that help to evolve our clients’ vision. That is definitely the case with Rideau and the story of their social recognition application.

The project began with Rideau’s vision for a new way to engage corporate employees in the recognition process. They wanted to offer corporations more than traditional recognition tools and create a social platform to make recognizing positive efforts and behaviors a fun part of daily employee life. They sent us a wish list consisting of 25 feature functionalities they hoped to employ through the platform. They envisioned a tool to serve multiple facets of employee recognition, such as on-the-spot performance acknowledgement, mentoring and coaching, gaming and education, birthdays and anniversaries, and goal setting. All of this would be presented through an intranet portal that captures and shares these successes socially throughout a company.

They knew what they wanted it to do, but needed us to bring it to life.

We worked closely with Rideau to understand their strategic objectives for the solution and took it from concept to wireframe. The feature wish list grew exponentially as we brought their vision to life. Each original segment soon had multiple sub-functions and interaction between segments. The powerful tools designed for the system were rich and complex, but we needed to make the user interface simple and user-friendly. Our clickable wireframes provided the optimal testing vehicle to ensure smooth usability by modeling application use behaviors and usability pathways.

As the project progressed, mobile access became an obvious next step, so we led the user interface design and functionality specifications for mobile access as well.

Today, this tool represents the future for employee recognition programs, and Rideau is busy launching the product in major corporations across the globe. We have continued to interact with and assist Rideau in offering customized interface elements for their clients. The end solution’s intuitive, easy-to-use, and flexible design fits perfectly within the corporate culture of Rideau’s clients.

What’s your vision? How can we help you bring it to life?