Rideau Social Recognition Video

A powerful product introduction tool

When we helped Rideau combine the power of social networking with employee recognition in their innovative social recognition tool, The Current, they knew it would be a game-changer in their industry.  They wanted to share it with the world and knew the message required a personal touch to communicate the rich array of features and their innovative social approach. They also needed a solution that could open doors and support sales efforts without requiring an in-person presentation every time, so we helped them capture their story in a series of powerful videos.

To bring the project to life, we worked closely with key leaders, including their CEO and CMO. Together we defined the script, created supporting graphics, and generated storyboards to guide both video production staff and on-screen talent. We then partnered with the amazing team at Splash Media to film and edit the segments in their incredible, high-tech production studio. The end products are engaging segments that can be used in myriad ways to support their sales and social media strategies. 

Click here to see one of the videos for this project.