Sabre Brand Architecture

Defining a client-centric brand after growth through acquisition

In 2008, Sabre Holdings’ portfolio segment focusing on hotelier solutions had grown significantly through a number of acquisitions. There were many unrelated brand names and some overlap of services between acquisitions. The company needed to determine how these growing solutions fit into the overall Sabre brand architecture and how to organize them as a unified array of services. We were engaged to determine brand architecture options ranging from a single portfolio brand to endorser strategies.

Our process included:

  • An in-depth brand audit including one-to-one interviews with key executive management and critical stakeholders
  • Deep audience research through one-to-one interviews and an online survey to current clients, past clients, and prospects
  • Competitive research into both direct and indirect competitors
  • Market analysis of the existing landscape and potential opportunities

This research gave us a clear picture of the market and the strategic recommendations required to achieve their goals.  We brainstormed names for the new internal business unit and the solutions within it and suggested overall brand architecture adjustments for the larger holding company as well. Brand diagrams supported the recommendations, how they related to the market as a whole, and a phased approach to implementation.

Follow-up research conducted in 2012 showed the strategy has paid off well.  In 2008, the market audience had reported a lack of clarity or understanding of the solution offering.  In 2012, respondents now view the business unit as a global industry leader that has grown quickly.  Respondents clearly understood the scope of its offerings and the organizational structure under the larger holding company.