Sabre Virtual Meetings

From Pricing Strategy to Collateral Design

Our research and analysis work was well known in Sabre, so when they decided to launch a new product into the market, they asked us to help with pricing strategy. The product concept was new to the market with no similar fee models to use as reference. It also touched a different buyer than the related product it would be launched through. This meant we needed to evaluate market needs, sensitivities, and potential roadblocks in the sales process and understand pricing thresholds as well. The process included a number of one-to-one interviews with target prospects and follow-up research through an online survey to validate initial hypotheses with quantifiable data.

The research provided keen insights about market segmentation in regards to pricing and provided the framework for the resulting pricing matrix. It established the core elements of a marketing strategy and long-term projections. However, the research told us about more than just pricing. We found similarities in the challenges the buying audience experienced without the product, and thus were able to determine the key opportunity points for the sales team. We then aligned product functionality with these points to provide key benefits statements and selling points for all three distinct buying audiences. We also uncovered common sales objections so that sales staff could be prepared to answer technical questions that might go beyond their typical knowledge base.

From here, it was a natural step for us to partner with Sabre for collateral development and sales presentations. Our familiarity with the audience and their needs provided a strong basis for copywriting strategically aligned for the sales process. We mapped out the sales process and content strategy for the sales and marketing teams and created a trove of useful materials, including:

  •     Sales process maps
  •     Product data sheets
  •     Key benefits sheets
  •     Sales introduction presentation (PowerPoint)
  •     Sales pricing presentation (PowerPoint)
  •     Offline demo (PowerPoint)
  •     Objection responses
  •     Discovery questionnaire
  •     Sales introduction letter
  •     Initial marketing plan aligned to product-launch awareness phases