SDH Enterprises Inc.

Growing a Brand Image

SDH Enterprises Inc. was a small, fast-growing company that designed and manufactured very high-end European-style bed linens. Their products sold primarily through specialty home décor boutique retailers in the U.S. and Europe. In assessing their brand, we identified a disconnect between their products and the image they were showing across all marketing communications . Their marketing efforts reflected a small-scale, lower quality operation, while their products were renowned as being some of the finest in world. Their marketing was not properly positioning them within their current market, and more importantly, it was not positioning them for success with emerging prospective markets. SDH wanted to grow their company and compete with established national and international brands that had existing promotional firepower, presence, and a more professional flair. They needed a completely new brand image, built from scratch, and it needed to be managed throughout their planned growth. In summary, SDH needed a Madison Avenue quality agency image to match their upscale product line, but they did not have a Madison Avenue agency budget.

Through an audit and analysis that included an assessment of SDH’s current marketing, SWOTs, target audience identification, comparative summary of competitors, and their growth plans, we were able to create a roadmap suggesting projects and targets along a future path with a new identity. This guide outlined the specific marketing needs and design criteria that would meet the desired communication goals of the new SDH corporate identity system. Once we created and launched the new identity, we worked to uphold and enhance the SDH brand image for the next 12 years. During this time, we developed all collateral, advertising, packaging, online marketing, new product line brand identities, promotional materials, press kits, press releases, and store displays.

The SDH brands grew tremendously, firmly establishing themselves among the elite in their product classes. The identity and image system captured their unique offerings and achieved great results in market perception. The company went from a small business with no recognizable image to a company perceived as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of “Products of Natural European Luxury.” As a testament to the strength of their brands, SDH Products were the subject of feature articles in 28 major consumer and trade publications, including O Magazine, Town & Country, Veranda, House Beautiful, and Domino. This represented an increase in non-solicited editorial coverage of approximately 1000% over the history of the company in this category of media. Furthermore, SDH was selected to include their luxury line of Legna bedding in the coveted participants’ baskets presented to Hollywood stars at the Academy Awards and the Emmys. Due to the newfound customer loyalty and product awareness among the Hollywood elite, SDH products were also selected for use in major television and feature film productions like Sex in the City, Everybody Loves Raymond, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and Vanilla Sky

Together, we launched an average of ten new product line collections per year. The company grew from three brands with 15 product collections to seven brands with 35 collections. All SDH branding carried a cohesive message that was immediately recognizable and successful in their markets worldwide. They had grown corporate and product identities that allowed them to flourish.