Travelocity Business Email Communications Design

Creating User-Friendly, Consistently Branded Communication

Travelocity Business came to us with a bundle of diverse email formats that represented their typical customer communications.  Each one looked different from the rest.  Some were HTML with color, some were plain text, some had agency contact information at the top, others at the bottom. The emails included:

  • Itinerary
  • Itinerary for Virtually There
  • Alert
  • Traveler Statement
  • Traveler Statement with Alert
  • Request for Manager Authorization
  • and more

Although each of these communications might represent a single trip, they each had different information requirements, and many of the current documents did not contain all of the desired information.

Travelocity Business asked us to create a consistently branded format for the emails and provided a long list of required data. 

We approached the project from the customer's perspective and rearranged information so that the items they would need first were readily available, visually. Design evolution included:

  • A bold, graphic identification tab was added to the top right of each email to clearly identify a "statement," "alert," or "itinerary"
  • Any communication that contains an alert or alert-type notification has an orange identification tab rather than the regular communication blue tab
  • Important communication messaging was placed at the top of the document (if required)
  • Any alert messaging or information is displayed in orange text
  • All confirmation numbers are listed at the top of the itinerary for quick reference
  • Travel was organized chronologically with clear date dividers that include day of the week for easy reference
  • Within each date, the travel was ordered by time so that the traveler could quickly skim to their next item. i.e. flight first, then car rental, then hotel
  • Travel-type icons were added for quick visual location of travel items.  For example: you've just arrived at your hotel; a quick skim along the left edge of the document to the hotel icon will bring you to all the information you need
  • Pricing was clearly added to each travel item subhead bar and summarized at the bottom of the document

The result is visual brand consistency wrapped around user-centered information display.