Zahav Water

Defining a Culturally-Focused Brand

When a premium water distributor came to us to name their imported water from Israel, we first wondered why they would bring water all the way from Israel to sell in America.  But as we learned about their product, we understood the special nature of this water.  It is sourced from a sacred area in Israel and purified by layers of natural filtration, gathering amazing mineral properties along the way. This was no ordinary water. 

We began the naming process by conducting in-depth competitive market research to understand the premium water market.  After isolating the target audience, we conducted a broad market survey to test product description receptiveness and potential names. The research was incredibly powerful, uncovering not only sensitivities within certain naming and language directions, but a deep and powerful resonance with the area from which the water was sourced.  Upon completion of the research, the primary naming choice was clear and Zahav water was born.

Zahav, which means ‘gold’ in Hebrew, evokes the sun sparkling on Jerusalem stone and the precious value of this mineral-enriched water from a sacred source.