Brand Architecture

The critical importance of Brand Architecture can be illustrated with innumerable metaphors.  The most common is housed within the term itself — “architecture.” Brand architecture, like building architecture, ensures that your brand is built on a solid foundation, has the framework to sustain the needs of your business and your audience, and has functionality grouped in ways that promote usability and interaction.

In a home, when a family grows or their needs change, they can usually move on to a new, more suitable dwelling.  However, this isn't the case with a corporate brand, and thus it is crucial that the brand architecture is constructed to be able to grow with the company, adjusting fluidly to the addition (or deletion) of new products or business segments.

Unfortunately, the most common path for growth is through acquisition, and over time, what might have begun with clear logic often becomes a Frankenstein blend of divergent product names and sub-brands. Even when sub-brands grow organically from within the larger corporate brand, minor missteps in naming or internal ownership can begin to unravel the original structure or strategic objectives. These missteps often occur under the pressure of short-term deadlines and overlook their potential impact on long-term goals.

Canal Branding functions as an objective third-party assessor in evaluating brand architecture.  We transcend internal politics and territorial posturing to provide an unbiased evaluation of the optimal brand structure for your business. In order to evaluate your business accurately, we conduct a thorough discovery process that includes interviews with key internal stakeholders and, with your permission, relevant external contacts.  We suggest the inclusion of Competitive Research and Market Analysis to ensure the brand is positioned in the optimal place in the market and is able to withstand any potential market shifts.

While the “architecture” metaphor fundamentally relates to brand architecture, there is another metaphor that more broadly captures its importance:  “A stitch in time saves nine.” Regular evaluations of your brand architecture at key decision points can save your business significant dollars spent on brand marketing, market awareness, and customer loyalty.