Brand Standards

Your brand identity is an incredibly valuable asset.  You put precious time and fiscal resources into crafting and building it in your market, yet too often companies fail to properly document and educate employees on critical aspects of the brand, its persona, and its public representation.

Effective Brand Standards protect your brand from dilution and distortion. They also simplify and streamline the creation of collateral, communications, and brand extensions.

Brand Standards can be published in print manual, digital manual, or digital repository. The key to successful standards rests in effective distribution and training to both internal staff and external resource partners.

The standards guide typically includes several of the following aspects:

  • Logo – size, color, placement, and lock-up formats
  • Color – primary and secondary color palettes
  • Fonts – typeface usage guidelines
  • Stylistic Elements – guidelines for key visual elements such as color blocks, shapes, icons, etc.
  • Voice – standards for the tone of your messaging
  • Lexicon – a defined system of rules for corporate words and grammar
  • Core – mission, vision, and values
  • Differentiators – positioning, key differentiators