Digital Presentations

Most designers and agencies turn their noses up when the topic of PowerPoint presentations arises.  At a minimum, they will try to convince you that you need to convert your entire organization over to Keynote; at worst, they might encourage you to design each slide as an un-editable JPG.

At Canal Branding, we work fluidly in both PowerPoint and Keynote. We know how to create high-impact presentations that utilize common tools and common fonts so they can be customized by your internal staff as needed. We create all presentations using correctly formatted templates so that colors and creative elements transform automatically when moved from one template to another.

Keeping up with these technical standards doesn’t diminish our creativity. We have developed a multitude of powerful keynote presentations, self-running demos, and multi-module sales presentations for our clients. We begin with a clear understanding of the presenter, their preferences, and their requirements for audience size, customization, and animation.  From there, we manage content editing to minimize text and maximize impact. Custom graphics and diagrams are added to make your information come to life.