Identity Development

Identity Development includes a wide variety of creative development elements, including:

  • Naming
  • Logo development
  • Brand color palette
  • Font usage
  • Visual identity standards for use across all media
  • Imagery guidelines for illustrations and photography
  • Iconography and visual systems
  • Global variations
  • Voice and tone
  • Parent, subdivision, or endorser treatments

Every identity project has unique needs that define which elements should be included in its development. The key to successful development is the accurate evaluation of these needs at the outset.  Canal Branding leadership has extensive experience in this arena and can guide you through the critical steps that ensure your identity is on target and designed to last. We follow a proven process to create clear objectives for your identity, thus removing subjective evaluation and streamlining the creative decision process.

Our designers are strategists as well as creatives, and can help you design identity packages that hold sound logic and a deep connection to your brand and your corporate goals.