Key Selling Points Identification

Key Selling Points and Competitive Strengths often run hand-in-hand, but there is a difference. Competitive Strengths focus on your differentiators; in a sales environment, they are your “closers.” Key Selling Points typically include your competitive strengths, but are not limited to them. They might also include industry standard items that some would consider table-stakes.  Why bother listing industry standard elements?  Because Key Selling Points play an important role in online digital content where search engine optimization must be considered. 

In the world of digital search terms, your audience will look for functionality they are familiar with. You will have the opportunity to stand out from the pack once you get them to your site, but the first task is to get them there. Including all critical elements in your Key Selling Points ensures you are on the table for consideration.

Crafting your Key Selling Points in a fashion that meets SEO needs while still engaging your audience is a subtle talent that involves technical, analytical, and creative skills. Canal Branding will help ensure that yours meet the mark.