One-to-One Interviews

We believe research is a crucial part of any strategic decision.  It provides objectivity and guidance for smart decisions in everything from key messaging to product pricing and brand architecture. Research tells us what we don’t know, validates what we think we know, and provides a first-tier safety net for any strategic investment.

One-to-one interviews are one of many research options.  They are typically conducted with 20-30 respondents and help to flush out trends, beliefs, and experiences that you might not have been aware of.  These interviews generally follow a topic outline that guides the respondent through an open-ended discussion.  The key is to allow the respondent the freedom to take the interview in a slightly different direction if a relevant thread is uncovered within the discussion.  The talent of a seasoned interviewer is in bringing the conversation back to the outline if the thread is not relevant, while ensuring that the respondent feels heard, respected, and appreciated.

The qualitative results generated from one-to-one interviews provide content and drive hypotheses. Thus, one-to-one interviews are often used in the beginning of the research process and supplemented by quantitative processes, such as a survey, in subsequent phases of data gathering.