Online Surveys

Online Surveys are a highly efficient way to gather responses from a large data sample in a short period of time.  Costs of implementation are typically very affordable, making this an excellent vehicle for frequent testing and validation of concepts.

Due to the limitations of processing and analyzing open-ended questions in a large data sample, surveys are optimally used as a form of quantitative data gathering, in which finite response options are provided for respondents to choose from. This results in excellent statistical data that can be easily visualized in charts, graphs, and other information graphics.  Proper structuring of the survey also provides the opportunity for segmentation and cross-tabulation of data that can generate particularly valuable insights, or question piping which allows the respondent to dive deeper down a relevant topic path.

Online surveys are most commonly used as follow-up validation of concepts uncovered in qualitative research, such as one-to-one interviews, or as experience follow-up, such as in a customer satisfaction survey.