What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Turns our briefs into gold

    Andrea is the wickedly talented creative genius behind such efforts as “Banish the Box”; she turns our briefs into gold and is a pleasure to work with.

    - Raquel Norton, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Intuit

  • Unexpected Value and Executes Brilliantly

    I highly recommend Andrea O'Neill and Canal Branding as an excellent agency resource for a variety of marketing projects - large and small. At Intuit we've used Andrea and her team consistently over the last 3 years from consumer insight and research, concept creation, branding, campaign development, and design. She came up to speed quickly on our customers segments and products (which are complex), thinks deeply about the projects to add unexpected value and executes brilliantly. I expect to continue working with Andrea for many years to come.

    - Amber Zable, Brand & Marketing Leader, Intuit

  • Create and deliver solutions that add value beyond the initial objective

    I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea and her team over several years on a number of projects. Although the projects were different, they were all completed on time and on budget and the results were the same...outstanding. Andrea in particular is much more than just a marketing pro, she thinks holistically and strategically about the business in a way that enables her to create and deliver solutions that add value beyond the initial objective. I continue to be impressed by her ability to capture the essence of a brand and uncover new insights to improve communications with customers. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

    - Kevin Dulsky, President, ID8 Advisory Services

  • Ability to produce with the big picture in mind.

    Andrea has a deep understanding of the business, and how products fit into the overall corporate and BU story. She uses these insights in the projects she touches, and is a great strategic thought partner. She is dependable, flexible, and sharp. She’s able to understand and anticipate needs, and consistently delivers awesome work. Highly recommend!!!

    - Bianca Lee, Sr. Marketing Manager, Intuit ProConnect Group, Intuit

  • Consistently delivers a finished product which completely “wow’s” all project owners

    I am so honored to have an opportunity to rave about the amazing creativity, passion and dedication, my team and I have received from Andrea and her team. No matter how tight the timeline or how challenging the mandate, Canal Branding always exceeds expectations. It is so rare to be able to find a partner who can interpret your vision with the smallest disclosure of details and output a finished product which completely "wow's" all project owners. Canal Branding is definitely my go to resource for all of my strategic branding and design needs.

    - Jennifer Lumba, Chief Marketing Officer, Rideau Recognition Solutions Inc.

  • Gets the nuances among brand, communications and product strategy

    Andrea is a consummate information designer and business communications expert who gets the nuances among brand, communications and product strategy. She has provided my company with both branding and customer strategy guidelines as well as creative for several 300-1000-person-audience presentations for me these past 4 years - and has done it extraordinarily well with tight deadlines.

    - Suzanne Neufang, General Manager, GetThere, Sabre

  • Amazing Design!

    Andrea is an amazing designer! As a print producer in the industry since 1989, I worked with hundreds of designers at multiple agencies. Never had I met a more creative and competent designer like Andrea. Creatively, she pushes the envelope of print production design to wow her clients, but yet, her concepts are efficiently produced on press within defined budget parameters. This is critically important if you care about your ROI. Her designs are based on your marketing objectives and not for her own portfolio – definitely someone you can trust with your creative needs.

    - Henry Law, Print Production Manager, Intuit

  • We really don't view her as an Agency but, as a Valued Partner

    Andrea and Canal Branding have been one of my favorite vendors/agencies. Andrea is a delight to work with, hard working, on time and very knowledgeable to the industry. When we work with Andrea at Intuit we really don't view her as an agency but, as a valued partner. I always look forward to working with Andrea because she can always bring our thoughts to life and that is very hard to do especially with our niche of accountants and professional tax software.

    - Ashley Roberson, Associate Marketing Manager, Intuit

  • Out-of-the-box creative that screams winning results every time!

    I had the privilege of working with Andrea on a couple of marketing campaigns at the same company. Andrea never failed to woo us with her catchy, innovative and creative designs! She has always managed stellar work under pressure. Always delivering out of the box creative that screams winning results every time. Andrea doesn’t just take on the project but joins the journey with the team as she is customer focused, achievement oriented and knows just how to tailor each creative assignment to the target audience! It’s a pleasure to work with her and exciting to see what she whips up each time!

    - Sherry Jacobs, Marketing, CRM Marketing

  • Takes messaging to a more clear and concise altitude.

    When elevated, on-target branding, creative or copy writing assistance is needed for marketing campaigns, Andrea O’Neill has been a top resource for us. Having engaged Canal Branding on numerous marketing projects, I’ve consistently felt excited and relieved to have Andrea O’Neill on board. She added exceptional value by providing refreshing ideas that we hadn’t considered and delivering impactful, brand-compliant visuals. Additionally, Andrea is an adept writer who can take messaging to a more clear and concise altitude. Whether it’s a tag line that’s needed, a paragraph for an email campaign or an industry article supported by secondary research, she delivered all remarkably well.

    - Chile Hile, Strategic Marketing, Intuit